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An analyst likes to hear experiences

The study aims to find out how the moves went and what newcomers think of France and England

Lancaster University sociologist Michaela Benson, who studies migration, citizenship and identity issues, is preparing a new study of Britons who moved to the EU after Brexit and is looking for volunteers.

“I want to hear about their experiences, why they moved, how they see Britain now, where they live,” he said.

“I have just completed a study of people who moved from the EU to the UK after Brexit, so we want to match that.

“I will try to outline the changes brought about by Brexit and how this reflects on people’s relationship with the UK and France.

Brexit makes it harder for people to move, so I think we’ll see a slightly different, less population move than before.

I think the movers are also more likely to be financially stable, there will be less opportunistic movements than we’ve seen before, where people stay in France and look for work.

Perhaps pensioners are more financially stable and cannot depend on the state pension.

Professor Benson said his research had found the opposite direction, with EU migration ‘falling off a cliff’ after Brexit.

“Perhaps this is partly due to anyone considering moving trying to get in before Brexit.

We have yet to see if it will come back.

You can register for the course Here.

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