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Le musicothérapeute qui intervient au CHU Amiens Picardie utilise par exemple des bols tibétains et un hang drum.

Amiens Hospital offers music therapy to palliative care patients

In the palliative care unit at CHU Amiens Picardie, patients at the end of their life or with cancer pain, for example, are not treated with medication alone. There is, too Phototherapy, balneotherapy Since the end of October music therapy. In fact, music relaxes these patients.

Everyone sits or lies down while music therapist Pierre Provot sits in the middle of the room Tibetan dishesand brass instruments.

The music therapist assigns sessions to each patient. “We make him listen to music that should bring back pleasant memories, like wedding music that plays a lot on feelings. The interest in music therapy is to relieve stress, it is all about pain and stress management‘, describes Pierre Provot.

Donation funded sessions

patient can Share the session with his family. It’s even very important, according to Julie Onkel, head of service. “It’s a chance for them to share something other than being sick, to be really out of the center of all of this for 20 minutes and to be able to share that activity.‘ This doctor explains.

This music therapist works once a week at CHU Amiens Picardie. © Radio France
Auror Richard

To date, about ten patients have participated in these sessions. There is one a week, every Tuesday and it should go on Until June. This activity is funded by donations from several companies in the Amiens region. The cost of each session is 50 euros.

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