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Team USA championne olympique 7 août 2021

Americans wandered at times, but Americans were still bosses

Favorite of all major international competitions but recently rocked by competitions, the only goal was for the Americans to win a gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo. The task accomplished for the American team, which continues – without difficulty – is the fourth consecutive Olympic title.

When the USA team suffered two defeats against Nigeria and Australia, we had little doubts about the ability of Craig Bopovich’s men to bring back gold compared to the 2019 World Cup. With its opening match at the Olympics, these doubts are logically emphasized. Ourselves, We wrote a great paper to highlight the reasons for Uncle Sam’s failure, As well as Reasons to believe in the French team’s second victory against the mob in Kevin Durand During the finals of the Olympics We started to wonder about Coach Bob Following the various setbacks the states faced. But today, Saturday, August 7, 2021, the Americans have gold around their necks and were able to unpack champagne in the locker room after a brief victory over France. They weren’t always shiny, and sometimes it was hard for them, but they finished the job and the essentials were covered. After the defeat of the last World Cup, the United States has not won a single medal since falling against EDF in the quarterfinals. The star-bright nation wanted to dot i again. Quite simply, something to be proud of. When you are the country that invented basketball, you cannot leave Olympic gold to someone else. Losing in the World Cup with a Z team is one thing, less valuable competition than the games, losing your number one status in the Olympics is another, it’s a big event in the international sport.

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Team USA version 2021 is thus included in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 advertisements for the fourth consecutive Olympic title. For the reasons mentioned above and with the continuous improvement of international basketball, Unlike previous versions, the Americans did not dominate Beijing, London and Rio, They usually ate the match. Evidence in the statistics that the states were undefeated by a difference of +27.9, +32.1 and +22.5 points in all these three matches. In 2021? So the USA team lost once during the match and the gap was reduced to an average of 20 points. But they know how to be serious and reach the accelerators needed to finish above. Defensively, they responded clearly with intensity that some teams could actually resist. A defensive intensity offers both opportunities in transition, where the United States still finds strong thanks to their athletic abilities, but it also helps to discover the true attacking rhythm and outdoor shooting. In the attack, it was sometimes very confusing on the half-court, not a collective game tip top, it was forced Kevin Durant pulls out all the stops to avoid any disaster. All of this to say that the invincible feeling that can still come with the big team USA is now a thing of the past, but the USA team is on the world basketball throne. The gold medal came third for Torrent and the first American on the team (except for Tremond Green), including coach Greg Popovich. So they are employers for two more years.

After 2008, 2012 and 2016, the USA won a new Olympic title, the 16th in its history of 19 participation in the Olympics. Not very impressive, not very pretty, but the states were able to avoid the situation of 2004 to retain their position as the number one nation in world basketball. So they deserve to raise their thumbs.

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