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American naval attempts to disperse Iranian ships in the Strait of Hormuz

American naval attempts to disperse Iranian ships in the Strait of Hormuz

Thirteen fast-attack boats of the Revolutionary Guard, the ideological army of the Islamic Republic, approached 140 yards from seven American ships before a US Navy ship fired 30 warning shots in two batches to disperse them, according to Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby.

This is the second such event in two weeks. Unfortunately, harassment by the Revolutionary Guards is not a new phenomenon.Mr. Kirby insisted.

It’s dangerous, it’s unprofessional. This is the type of work that can cause injuries and result in poor judgment in the area.

Quote from:John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman

One of the ships of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Strait of Hormuz

Photo: Reuters

‘Legitimate defense’

A Pentagon spokesman clarified that the American ships have the right to do so In self-defense And they knew how to use it.

He also indicated that these maneuvers took place in the Strait of Hormuz, where there is not enough space for boats to move around.

It is the bottleneck in the regionJohn Kirby pointed out.

At the end of April, three Iranian rapid attack ships approached about 70 meters from two American ships in international waters north of the Persian Gulf, causing warning shots to be fired, according to the US Navy.

The Strait of Hormuz is a strategic passage through which a third of the world’s seaborne oil passes.

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