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American documents | Taiwan is vulnerable to Chinese air attack

(WASHINGTON) Taiwan is highly vulnerable to a possible Chinese air attack, which would also be more difficult for US intelligence to detect because of Beijing’s new tactics, according to leaked Pentagon documents, which were revealed Saturday. Washington Post.

US officials fear that Taiwan’s air defense will not be able to “accurately detect missile launches,” and respond to them effectively and quickly, according to these classified transcripts, which AFP has not been able to independently verify.

Based on these sources, the Washington Post said, more than half of Taiwan’s air force will be usable in combat, and it could take a week to get some of those planes to shelters.

It is part of a series of classified US documents that have been posted online, a leak that embarrasses Washington. On Friday, a 21-year-old soldier suspected of being behind the attack was charged.

According to documents cited by The Washington Post, new tactics deployed by Beijing, such as the use of civilian ships in military exercises, ‘eroded’ the ability of US intelligence to detect an attack on Taiwan before it happens.

They also question the effectiveness of Taiwanese military exercises in preparing for an actual attack.

Tensions over Taiwan, the self-governing island that Beijing claims as one of its provinces, have increased in recent weeks.

The Chinese army has just organized large-scale military exercises after a meeting between its chief, Tsai Ing-wen, and the third person in the US state, Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House of Representatives.