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Amazing, an astronaut watched the Portugal-France match from space

Amazing, an astronaut watched the Portugal-France match from space

The world and European champions were tied with each other (2-2) on Wednesday in the last game of the Euro group stage. The shock of France and Portugal fulfilled all these promises. Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema celebrated the celebration and allowed their team to qualify for the knockout stages of the competition.

It was a tough match that left Portuguese and French fans excited, and of course French astronaut Thomas Pesquet was no exception. Although he is currently aboard the International Space Station, Pesquet watched the match between the two teams from space.

As you can see from the photo shared by Pesquet’s Twitter page, the astronaut watched the match without weight. “See France and Portugal. Astronaut Books We didn’t have the easiest combination in this edition of Euro 2020 but that makes the games more exciting.

Pesquet arrived at the space station in April with six other astronauts and has since been on a spacewalk. Meanwhile, during one of the intermissions, the Frenchman used a 65-inch foldable screen and projector that arrived at the space station in 2015 to follow the game.

Against Switzerland in the Round of 16, France will address this meeting with several determinations. Lucas Digne and Lucas Hernandez were affected, on Wednesday, in the draw of the French national team against Portugal in Euro 2021, by taking exams whose results were less worrying than expected. Examinations confirmed the presence of injuries to the thigh for the first and the knee for the second. The two players lost in the round of 16 against the Blues against Switzerland next Monday. But the reviews were more reassuring than expected. According to RMC, the two players remain well with the French national team and will travel to Bucharest on Friday.
On the Portuguese side, he is the maximum focus before facing Belgium next Sunday. It will be another shock as the Seleção must once again rely on Cristiano Ronaldo. Already composing 5 goals in 3 meetings, Cr7 displays a tough form in this Euro and scores in every game. But against the Red Devils, he remains final.

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