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Although there is no royalty in the United States, why has American culture always influenced the way European royalty lived?

Although there is no royalty in the United States, why has American culture always influenced the way European royalty lived?

America has always been a major influence in the world in many ways. American culture is everywhere, especially in modes of consumption: food, clothing, technology, etc. Although there is no royalty in Uncle Sam’s country, its culture even influences the lifestyle of European royalty. What is the reason? Here are some answers:

Influence of American products

Even today, American multinational corporations dominate the global economy: Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, etc. Also, it should be noted that the American economy is a pillar of the triangle that Europe is part of. It is therefore implicit that even European royal families have been influenced by America in their consumption patterns.

The American products Be it food (soda, snacks, sweets, etc.), clothing, cinema, TV series, music, internet, etc., are an integral part of their daily life. Indeed, American culture is so widely disseminated via television and the Internet that the famous “American way of life” continues to inspire Mr. and Mrs. All and heads of state.

Impact of American technologies

Over time, symbols of Americanization emerged within European royal families. Admittedly, agricultural food or clothing products continue to be an important part of their lifestyle. However, in the last twenty years, technologies have also become ubiquitous in everyday life modernizing European royalty. This technological bias is attributed to the apparent progress of America in this field, especially through big names like Google, Apple, Amazon or Meta.

For example, you should know that smartphones are controlled by software of American origin (iOS, Android); Members of the royal family are mainly on meta-owned social networks such as Instagram; etc. It should also be noted that today, most of the largest media companies are American. They ensure dominance American culture Thanks for the great tips for spreading the word. This is about both the entertainment media that impose their forms and the news media that continue to spread America’s vision around the world.

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America’s Liberal International Order

Over time, the United States was able to create a liberal international order. A country’s hegemony goes beyond its economic power. Its cultural heritage is deeply rooted in the daily lives of everyone, including European royalty. You should know that the country has freed up the flow of information, especially thanks to television, Hollywood films, technologies and the Internet.

American culture has also affected the way we eat, especially fast food. It even rubs off on the way members of the royal family dress, especially the new generation who don’t hesitate to flaunt themselves in tabloids and social networks wearing the biggest American clothing brands.