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Tales of Arise - The Spirit of Adventure - cuisine, peche et skits

Also entitled to fishing, farming, and representative Arise tales for their trailer

Heroes also need to relax

during the A stream dedicated to Tales of Arise Which stood yesterday – in the presence of the producer Yusuke Tomizawa And the dubbing actress Haruna Ikezawa Bandai Namco, forgive us Two new trailers. There is no military demonstration or fireworks festival here, it is in a light tone that we present in more detail the activities that can take place between two sessions of Castañez.

To calm the mind after many killing monsters, Tales of Arise offers to enjoy the joys fishing and farming. We are talking here about take care of a farm, Animal husbandry and crop cultivation for a full range of Various rewards.

It’s also a matter cook good meals – Undoubtedly offers great bonus features. Where the title is innovated compared to its predecessors, is through a sympathetic presentation of the characters who Taste the dishes mentioned around the campfire. Until then, the series was satisfied with a simple consumption of rolls or after fights. Nothing extravagant, but still Nice touch a little immersive

Needless to say, but skits An integral part of the series’ DNA is back, and it’s in better shape than ever. Dialogue sessions between characters no longer contain simple “animated” ads. Interactions are now performed in the background real kickoff, with boards that reuse in-game models directly for our heroes. WLnoticeable improvement, He is sure to please more than one fan.

If you love hunting, cooking and camping, then Arise Tales should satisfy you. Remember that the latter is expected for September 10 About PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, and others Xbox Series X/S.

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