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Alouette aluminum smelter angered Air Canada

Annoyed by the frequent cancellations of flights, the managers of the Alouette aluminum smelter in Sept-les called Air Canada. The unreliability of air service results in financial losses and has become a major problem in the aluminum smelter.

“What Air Canada is doing with the regions is a bit sad at the moment,” said Charles-André Nadeau, Vice President, Finance and Administration, Aluminerie Alouette.

The businessman lost the number of trip cancellations that led to lost time and productivity. The aluminum smelter’s European shareholders have already crossed the ocean unnecessarily since canceling their trip to Sept-El.

“They did Austria-Montreal, they met in teams and went back to Austria because the flights couldn’t get there. The reasons, we don’t know, but this time, clearly, it wasn’t the temperature,” decried Mr. Nadeau.

Smelter subcontractors regularly suffer the consequences of canceled flights.

“There are costs associated with that and it is ineffective for our operations,” the director continued.

According to Charles-Andre Nadeau, the reduced frequency of flights leads to unacceptable delays for businessmen.

“My flight was canceled Thursday night from Montreal and the one I was offered was Monday.”

Alouette aluminum smelter, the largest private employer in September, sent a letter to Air Canada at the beginning of March explaining its dissatisfaction and stressing that the current situation is significantly affecting the course of its business.

By email, Air Canada’s Vice President of Communications Christophe Hennebel, who spoke Wednesday afternoon with Alouette’s Vice President, confirmed that efforts are continuing to address operational challenges.

The Economy Minister shares the general dissatisfaction with Air Canada.

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“I think Air Canada has proven that it is not interested in regional transportation. We have to find an alternative, and that is clear,” Pierre Fitzgibbon said on Tuesday.

He makes a harsh statement about the airline’s services, but he relies on the Standing Working Committee on Regional Air Transport, in which Air Canada is a participant.

“There may be airlines that want to provide additional services that we can help them financially. We must use the existing ones,” the minister said.