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Allen Gonzalez "Official Painter of Air and Space".

Allen Gonzalez “Official Painter of Air and Space”.

Until December 9, ENAC displays Aline Gonzalez, “Official Painter of Aeronautics and Space 2021”, the title granted by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces.

From Amelia Earhart, (1897-1937), the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone, to astronaut Thomas Bisquet, Allen Gonzalez shows her portraits of great aviation and space figures at ENAC (National School of Civil Aviation) through December 9. Air Traffic Controller, Trainer at ENAC, Allen Gonzalez, thanks to a very vivid portrait of astronaut Claudie Henry, won the title of Official Air and Space Painter 2021, awarded by the Ministry of the Armed Forces. His drawings tell the story of flight and the conquest of space.

Bréguet XIV and Little Prince

“I draw from pictures. I draw first in pencil on watercolor paper, then I draw with the ink pads I made. For Antoine de Saint-Exupery I used a pillowcase representing Bréguet XIV and the Little Prince the face of Josephine Becker, 2nd Lieutenant in the French Air Force, made with the seal of the French Association of Pilots … In the drawing “La Croix du Sud”, the famous seaplane of Jean Mermoz, we get acquainted with the abbreviations of Aéropostale, Lines Aériennes Latécoère and Air France. For this series about the pioneers, I read a lot. I was very touched by the life of Amelia Earhart, who crossed the Andes Cordillera Alone in 1921, at age 25, with a Caudron G3, and she disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937.” Alongside Saint-Ex’, Mermoz, Lindbergh, Gagarin, Aline Gonzalez the immortal heroines: Adrienne Bolland, Jacqueline Auriol, Maryse Bastié, Hélène Boucher… A well-deserved tribute to the female pilots, within the framework of the great flight school.

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Until December 9 at ENAC, 7 rue Edouard Belin, Toulouse. free entry