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Laurent-Éric LE LAY, Sports Director of France Télévisions

How do you position yourself in sports on TV?

Laurent-Éric Le Lay: Our mission is to provide free access to a sports offering consisting of major events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Roland Garros, Tour de France, as well as major events in disciplines such as athletics, swimming, skiing, rowing etc. A diverse show in terms of disciplines and representation, especially women’s sports and Basorta sports. Broad view representing more than 1,000 hours of television broadcasting annually and between 3,000 and 4,000 hours on digital television. And finally, a comprehensive offer that not only publishes events, but also cares about their representatives and privileges through personal reports and photos.

How is the first semester formed?

Laurent-Éric Le Lay: Very good! With stadium scales removed from February, competitions will regain their event proportions. This semester is also special because regular events such as the Six Nations Championship, Roland Garros and other French Football Cup finals, among the top 14, have been added this year to the Winter Olympics in Beijing. We are fortunate to work with so many channels – France 2, France 3, France 4, – and to be able to offer a daily 15-minute sports magazine, “Tout le Sport”, as well as our weekly “Stage 2”) 50 minutes). We have space to promote the sport and its representatives.

Are you already preparing for Paris 2024?

Laurent-Éric Le Lay: Apart from the event itself, whose coverage system would be exceptional, the challenge is to be able to talk about it regularly and accept it. This is what we are already doing through the transmission of all the Paris 2024 initiatives, such as revealing the first images of the opening ceremony project, or even through the short program “Destination 2024”, which highlights the history of an athlete by preparing for the encounter of his life! We are also producing a documentary called “Champions d’exception” that follows the daily lives of five young athletes over a period of four years. More broadly, the regular coverage of the Olympic disciplines, through tournaments or following French athletes or teams, also contributes to the rise of power until Paris 2024.

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• Expert Focus

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Frédéric JONQUET, Head of Sports at FranceTV Publicité

Sports is a unifying content that conveys the most beautiful emotions and is specially adapted to the television media. In 2021, the sport attracted 54 million viewers on France Télévisions, including many young people (90% of young people aged 15-24 watched the last Olympics on TV). Advertisers responded because they were over 450 to communicate about our sports contexts. Among them, we have loyal advertisers, most of whom are official partners, whom we support with powerful, innovative and multi-devices. There are also new captured advertisers, tempted by the variety of our offerings, and more and more of them are trusting us, both on TV and digital. Sports is a great area for innovation whose brands are passionate. At our major sporting events, we offer original, immersive and/or event content. In 2022, there will be no shortage of opportunities to be associated with the sport: from the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics, to Roland Garros, or even the men’s Tour de France and the Women’s Tour de France. Finally, advertisers will be able to take advantage of new sports offerings, promote their teams of athletes, promote CSR commitments, or even connect with sports fans.