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All Inclusive: Mistakes Every Traveler Should Avoid


Do not consult the schedule of activities

It’s not uncommon for an all-inclusive resort to add impromptu performances, excursions, or dining experiences. Some activities follow a first-come, first-served rule, while others require a reservation.

Some activities, such as a riverboat trip through town, will always be popular and may be sold out until the end of your stay.

Be sure to note down and book the events that only happen once during your stay first.

Pro tip: Consult the hotel book as soon as you arrive. It is a wealth of information. They usually offer schedules, tips, previews and menus, and special offers or events. You can also refer to the handout listing the timetables for the day – displayed in public areas – or the information file in your room. Overall, travel apps can improve your stay in many ways.

When you go to a restaurant, leave a good tip.


The importance of tips

Tipping etiquette can be confusing and the rules differ at all-inclusive resorts, no matter the destination.

One of the selling points of an all-inclusive resort is that gratuities are usually included in the package. But while this means that customers are not expected to tip for regular services such as housekeeping or meals, customers can still choose to tip for exceptional service or for special requests.

In addition, all activities – such as spa treatments, excursions or butler service – not included in the all-inclusive package require payment.

Note that the culture of tipping has changed since the pandemic. In some countries, like Mexico, it is now expected, even if it isn’t “mandatory.” This is not the case everywhere of course. In some countries, tipping is not the norm, as is the case in Japan. (explore unknown destinations in Mexico).

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Pro tip: Read your package details to understand which services are included and which require an extra tip. Bring $100 to $200 cash for the tip and ask the concierge when you arrive what is generally expected and appropriate.

Some employees, especially in poor countries, rely on these tips to make a living, so while you may not have to give them anything, it is still the right thing to do. Thus, you can stand out with a bit of attention that other travelers won’t.

What is tipping abroad? It’s more confusing than ever, help!

Contact hotel staff on holiday travel


Do not contact the staff

Many of the guests are regular visitors to certain resorts, and the staff develop relationships with their favourites. Staff can even offer little free extras, like sweets or drinks, or show you entry cards.

The staff is also a great resource for telling you what to try in the area, what you need to know about local cultural norms, how to prepare for certain excursions, and offering site-specific tips. But they will only do this if you have already established a good relationship with them.

Honestly, the honored guest will be treated like a king or queen, so this is one of the most valuable tips at an all inclusive resort.

Pro tip: Start by greeting employees with a smile, remembering their names and asking how they are. do not be rude to employees, even if you are annoyed; It is always nicer to help someone who is calm and kind.

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Ask them questions about the area or the resort—they’re a wealth of inside information—but avoid questions that are too personal and inappropriate.