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All about One UI 4, Samsung's mobile interface

All about One UI 4, Samsung’s mobile interface

One UI 4 is the thirteenth version of the software interface for Samsung smartphones. A version that improves the performance of One UI 3.0, which benefits above all from the new features that Google brings with the Android 12 operating system.

One UI, what is it?

Launched in December 2018, One UI is Samsung’s third API. It takes over from Samsung Experience, which followed TouchWiz. One UI is radically different from its predecessors, and aims to be simple, both in terms of design and use. This software interface landed with the Samsung Galaxy S10 and is now published in its fourth version, which can be seen from the end of 2021 onwards. Galaxy Z Fold 3And Galaxy Z Flip 3, as well as on the three Samsung Galaxy S21. Of course, the upgrade will gradually reach other smartphones of the brand. As per the company’s schedule, One UI 4 will be rolled out to eligible devices by August 2022. The first tablets you’ll benefit from should be Galaxy Tab S7, from February.

On the main lines

One UI is a software interface that works in tandem with Android. So you will find all Google services there, from Maps to Play Store. But Samsung is also incorporating its own apps. Thus it includes an alternative app store (Galaxy Store), a mobile game aggregator, or even Samsung Free, an analogue of Google News, which also offers flash games. Since version 2.0, One UI includes OneDrive and enhances its compatibility with Office suite applications thanks to a partnership with Microsoft. Samsung smartphones were also the first to benefit from it xCloudXbox game streaming solution. In version 3.0, Chaebol revised its interface design and changed various animations.

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Major new features brought by One UI 4

Let’s focus on the new features that come with Samsung’s new software update. As specified above, One UI 4 does not disrupt the user experience, which was widely reviewed with One UI 3. For 2022, the South Korean company prefers to improve and integrate new customization and security options. It appeared with Android 12.

  • Android 12 puts security and access to your personal data in the spotlight. With One UI 4, Samsung displays a badge in the upper right corner of the screen when the app can access the camera or microphone. One of the best integrations at the moment, since it’s not a simple point, like Pixel 6 – Even the iPhone. The badge clearly indicates what the app can access and with one click you can change the permission. The exact or approximate location functionality also appears with One UI 4, an option entirely derived from Android 12.

  • The interoperability between different devices of the Galaxy ecosystem is becoming more and more present this year with watch the news, for example. But Samsung decided to take the experience even further by introducing a version of One UI 4 dedicated to laptops in the Galaxy range. This option is called One UI Book 4, and it aims to bring One UI to your Galaxy Book (a set of products only available in the US). Everything is designed to make you think about your Samsung smartphone and not get lost when changing devices, for example. A welcome development, reminiscent of an ecosystem scratched by an apple…

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Pros and Cons of One UI

On these points, like Samsung’s “tips and tricks”, there is really nothing new under the sun of One UI 4. You can thus find our long detailed article below.

If you are a regular user of One UI, and would like to contribute to this article, or provide tips, clarifications or corrections, feel free to contact us in the comments.