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Aline: Valerie Lemercier was aware of the doubts surrounding the film

Aline: Valerie Lemercier was aware of the doubts surrounding the film

Valerie Lemercier, director and actress of Celine Dion’s film Aline, said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles de Midi about her feature film, which will be shown in theaters in Quebec on Thursday.

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If the film “Aline” from the very beginning of the project had to face a certain skepticism on the part of the audience and critics, then Valérie Lemercier struggled to make fiction inspired by the working life of the Quebec singer.

A French woman who played the world’s greatest singer, who is from Quebec, was already surprising, and Valerie Lemercier was well aware of this.

“Regarding Bilhaji, about the legality of making a movie about her, that a French woman would do it, of course I felt [le scepticisme]She admits.

“Not while filming, because during filming it was so much fun. On the first day we were looked at a bit like that [avec un doute] But when Sylvain Marcel and I saw each other on set, it was over. And during a scene in the movie, when I succeeded in chopping wood with an axe, it gained a bit of our team’s attention,” she confirms with a smile.

What prompted Ms. Le Mercier was the narration of the “love stories” that shaped Celine Dion’s life, by romanticizing it.

“I care about the private lives of very famous people and very famous people! I don’t make films about people’s lives in two-room apartments with IKEA sofas. It’s not my style in the movie. I like excess, I like over-life of Celine, the amazing fate she had”, she concludes .

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