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Aline: Valerie Le Mercier hopes Celine Dion sees her movie

Aline: Valerie Le Mercier hopes Celine Dion sees her movie

Valérie Lemercier hopes Celine Dion sees “Aline,” inspired by the life of the Quebec star.

The French actress plays the singer in this biography that follows her life since her childhood and hopes the title will translate. under the wind He will watch his feature film.

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She said in 20 Minutes, “I became a fan of her while making this movie. I’ve loved her before and I never get tired of it, because every time you walk in somewhere, it’s always great. You never get bored of it. I worked on this movie.” For three years and I’ve never been bored. I keep discovering new things about her that I didn’t know, songs I didn’t know about. She has such a profession!”

When asked which scenes were difficult to film, she replied, “It was difficult to act at 27 or 28. I was wondering how to play a young woman. It was easier to be her character when she was 12, because you know a teenager’s body language so well. Better. I often played children on stage.”

The film is released today in cinemas in France. He is scheduled to be released in Quebec on November 26.

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