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Alincon country. The future sports and entertainment district in Pré-en-Pail was revealed during the ceremony of promises

The Mayor and Elected Officials with Françoise Rousseau, Huguette Laroche and Therese Fondbertas. © Lorne Hebdo

It is undoubtedly the “project” of the year. Rehabilitation of the town hall sector has been introduced before Denise Jeslinmayor Pre-en-Pail-Saint-Samson (Mayenne), a town about twenty kilometers fromAlencon (decorate), marking vows ceremonyFriday, January 6, 2023.

Evaluate the actions taken

A large audience gathered in Merchin’s room on this occasion. The last party dates back to 2020, which means that the mayor was not shy about his pleasure to meet his countrymen for this “always friendly and important” meeting.

Before submitting the projects, he paid tribute to Michel Lambert, the former mayor of San Samson, who died on July 22. Then it does a quick evaluation of the beginning of the delegation.

Public lighting continued, Roadworks, curing almost completed, Smooth lane enclosed, The village fair-house ‘not yet rented, for we still hope to find a doctor for our town’, San Samson’s public toilets, ‘It may make you smile, but who The very important “automatic irrigation of the football field” after picking up a source in the ground and creating a basin “…

The balance sheet is diversified. projects more than that.

And this is despite the complex economic context.

Savings must be made, choices must be made, but we must continue to invest.

Dennis Geslin, Mayor

Speaking of savings, public lighting will be turned off in the evening at 10 pm, one hour earlier.

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Traffic will be complicated.

Meadow in a pail - wishes - city planning
Town Hall Development Project. © dr

Among the projects, therefore, is the rehabilitation of the municipal sector. Big work in the city, but necessary.

For a year, traffic will be complicated in this sector. Hope everyone can understand.

Denise Jeslin

What is it about? To improve traffic in front of the Town Hall “which will not serve as a roundabout!” And say goodbye to the front-mounted radar. The project is divided into four phases, the first of which will start on January 16, near L’Intrépide Hall.

Then, around February 15th, traffic will switch on RN 12. Traffic jams are predictable at this location.

Denise Jeslin

This work should last six weeks.

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deferred project

Another file, rehabilitating and expanding the Marsheen room. A project that has been delayed due to the fact that seven contracts (out of 17 in total) have yet to be awarded.

This is the case for construction… No company wanted. It is therefore necessary to re-launch the call for bids. So it is impossible to say when the works will start.

Denise Jeslin

A real problem for the municipality that received subsidies for this. It can be deferred for a year, but this file must move forward. »

Pumping track in the old camp?

Pré en Pail-veux - former camp site
In the old camp, a huge recreational and sports rehabilitation project. © dr

The council would like to create a multi-generational space on the site of the former camp.

Recently, all students Avalors College They were invited to give their opinion through a questionnaire. The same applies to local associations.

We have many ideas for equipment in this field, but we want to prioritize them as per our financial resources. We’ll do that step by step.

Denise Jeslin

Planned: a pétanque area that can accommodate 52 courts, a pump track, a small open platform with stands, a football, basketball and tennis court, a fitness track with a common garden.

Belvedere Public School

The city’s public school has no name. Done. After petitioning the City Council, the kids submitted several proposals and then a vote took place. “The name Belvedere School was chosen,” says Denise Geslin. The name echoes the name of the college, Avaloirs. “The children, again, designed the logo.”

ecological area

A subdivision is planned in San Samson “because demand is strong.” A plot of land has been identified that can accommodate 16 plots of land.

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The leisure center in Pré-en-Pail needs renovation. “We have funding, including Café. We need a well-defined center that will also provide day care.”

Dennis Geslin also tackled a community project, environmental area In the old station area.

14 municipalities in France have been selected, including ours. “It’s very rare for a rural municipality, so we can be very proud of it.

Denise Jeslin

The multi-rehabilitation project will give pride of place to landscaping, with photovoltaic panels, multi-modal parking, galleries, an education area on wind energy, and so on.

Not forgetting to welcome cyclists on the green road.

“We have to catch them! Encourage them, with definite arrangements, to stop in our town.”

Special projects are also underway in the city.

social housing

A meadow in a wishing pail
Attendance was great, Salle Merchin, Friday 6th January. © Lorne Hebdo

Thus, Maine housing Building eight social housing units. By 2026, twelve more accommodations of this type are already planned.

the The town of Brie-en-Belle-Saint-Simson Will calculate soon 100 social housing units. “It’s a good thing, because we are facing strong demand.”

Diane Rowland - CDC - Avaloris
Diane Rowland returned to the works carried out in the territory. © Lorne Hebdo

Diane RowlandThe President of the Community of Municipalities of Mont des Avaloirs (CCMA) emphasized the regional project, joint and participatory approach with Pré-en-Pail-Saint-Samson. Economy, agriculture, tourism, living environment, health… Measures to revitalize the territory.

“We are struggling to recruit saviors. For this, we are committed to funding training for all young and motivated volunteers. »

She also mentioned working out in the gym and especially on the rooftop. Photovoltaic panels can be installed there.

in the spotlight

Meadow in Pail-Vows-Lemeunier
Dominique Lemeunier was honored during this ceremony of vows. © Lorne Hebdo

Several agents, young retirees, have been honored: Loïc Lambert, landscape agent, Pascal Huet, technical agent, Françoise Rousseau, extracurricular agent, Huguette Laroche, director of general services. Plus Therese Fondbertas, Volunteer from 2014 to 2020. Dominique LeMonnier has been awarded the Provincial, Administrative, and Municipal Medal of Honor, at the color scarlet level, for 30 years of service.

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