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Algeria begins "successfully" Operation Gara Djebelt

Algeria begins “successfully” Operation Gara Djebelt

Algeria has “successfully” begun extracting iron ore from the giant Gara Djebelt deposits in Tindouf, the production of which could reach 50 million tons as of 2026.

The official inauguration of the mining project took place on July 30 by the Minister of Energy and Minerals, Mohamed Arkab. Immediately the site was installed and work on the extraction “successfully” began.

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The interests of Tindouf Province announced in a press release published on Tuesday, August 16, the start of iron extraction operations from the Gharet Djebelt mine.

According to the same source, this process was “successfully” and allowed the extraction of large quantities of iron.

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“This morning, using explosives, I successfully started the process of extracting a large amount of iron ore,” the statement read.

The Tindouf state services confirmed that the extracted quantity will be transported by land to the north of the country and that the part will be transported abroad “to be processed by our economic partners in China and Russia”, while another section. It will be processed by refiners in Algeria.

According to the public channel AL24 News, 1,000 tons of iron ore were extracted from the Gara Djebelt deposits during this first operation. According to the Minister of Energy, between two and three million tons of iron ore can be extracted from this quota during the period 2022-2025, before increasing this amount to 40-50 million from 2026.