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Alfredo Longo ouvre un nouvel espace d'art à Mons

Alfredo Longo opens a new art space in Mons

When it comes to art, Alfredo Longo does not lack for inspiration. He has authored many works of antiquity, particularly in the heart of Havery, and at the beginning of the opening of St Argallery he will open, on Saturday morning, in Rue de Havry, Studio 33, a place dedicated to welcoming artists in making or confirming artists. Works by Tristan Dubois, Alexandre Nicolas, Bertrand Lefevre, Olivier Bertrand, François Grimoyne, Stéphane Proud, Empyse, Prose, David Terrazano and Alfredo Longo will be on display.

Studio 33 project born during confinementExplain the latter. “François Grimoen, the photographer, and I found this space and immediately thought it could be a perfect fit for creating a cultural space. It is not a showroom and we reject that name because there is a business idea behind the term. Here, it is really a space for exchange between artists and visitors.”

In fact, the concept is meant to be as simple as possible. “If the customer likes the work, they contact the artist, they discuss it, and they discuss practical methods for completing the sale. What we propose is the shortest path between artist and citizen without a middleman or seller. The confinement put us in a difficult situation as artists because the galleries were closed. Hence the idea of ​​launching this new concept.”

Thus, Alfredo Longo and François Grimoen intend to highlight the works of artists from the region, but not only. “During my travels, I have had the opportunity to meet many people who are already well established in their country. Many already said they were happy to be able to come and show with us. We’re really part of a proactive approach, and we’ll try to offer as many things as possible to show all the diversity of art. “

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Studio 33 will be open to the public on Saturday from 10am to 6pm. The next day, it will be accessible between 2 pm and 6 pm. Several opening dates are also announced: June 20-27, July 4 or 25, or August 8 or 20. Health measures required, registrations welcome via [email protected]