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Alexis Lafreniere is a two-class leader at Rangers

Since the montreal canadians find themselves in Big apple For the New York Rangers to take on this Sunday (the game will be on the program at 5 p.m.), now is the time to pay tribute to Alexis Lafrenière. LaughDespite his poor offensive production and a lot of fun with him, he’s a leader in two categories.

Casually, unlike his junior career, Quebec has his skates in the slot, and he’s the one who finds himself second among Rangers for passes caught in the slot just as hard.

Add to this that more than 60% of his shot attempts come from the pay zone, which is good for first place among New York Rangers players in this regard. It’s not trivial!

This season, Lafrenière has only scored five goals, and he’s the one who has to deal with a role down 6Plus a few visits to the stands.

He thought the offensive lead would take hold in the 2021-22 campaign, as he scored 19 goals and 31 points, but that may have just been a mirage.

short. As Billy Bertrand (RDS cross expert) pointed out, prior to his start in the National League, Laugh He was known to set up plays and clear the way for his teammates to score goals… which certainly isn’t the case since he arrived in the NHL.

The New York Rangers aren’t willing to abdicate in his case, nor are they particularly willing to hastily trade this one despite all the noise around him.

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For now, Lafreniere, like Capo Kaku, has to deal with a team that has finished its “small” restructuring and is aiming for excellence. They will have to settle for a place in the third unit because players like Mika Zibanejad, Artemy Panarin, Chris Kreider and Vincent Troschek occupy a lot of space.

On the other hand, tonight, on Sunday, they will play in the top 6 of Gerard Gallant’s team.

Time will certainly do its thing, and the two young men, with the progress that can be discerned there, will become important members of this formation sooner or later.

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