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Alexis, 12, before the US in the final in Paris?

Alexis, 12, before the US in the final in Paris?

Saint-Rémy Sports Basketball Club Pride. Alexis Daudel was born in Saint-Rémy on January 7, 2010 and heard about basketball in her first hours. Her mother, Genevieve, was part of the senior women’s team at the San Roemois Club formed in National 3. And his father, Alain, joined the Saint-Remy Club from Amber. It was there that he met Genevieve. He has been president of the club for almost ten years and is very proud of Alexis’ performance.

Benjamins qualified for the National Final of the Challenge

Although the championship is not over, the club can be proud of another remarkable performance after PNF’s spectacular achievement for its senior women’s team. Alexis qualifies for the national final of the Benjamins Challenge.

On the way to America

This match reveals the most complete basketball player with sniper, passing, dribbling and speed and endurance. With an incredible score of 59 points, Alexis finished 2ndAnd 33 participants and 1Er In the Lyon sector of the regional final, Aswell overtook the U13 captain of the team by one point. At the national finals on April 22 and 23, he won the right to compete in Paris with the key to winning the United States. Shared a dream with the current leaders of the club and the elders who saw the growth of the club.

This is the result of the work done in training and it is good to have Romain Bennett at the club.

“Believe in all your dreams. ⁇