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“Alex Burroughs, I still take him in my streak” - Jean-Gabriel Bagu

“Alex Burroughs, I still take him in my streak” – Jean-Gabriel Bagu

The Montreal Canadiens’ victory over the Maple Leafs on Monday caused a stir in the four corners of the National Hockey League (NHL). Such is the case in New York that Jean-Gabriel Baguette returned to the victory in Montreal during his interview with Jean-Charles Lagoy on Tuesday.

“I have many friends who were happy with the Canadian’s win, but I was very happy for Alex Burrows and Luke Richardson. These two people were very important to me. Alex Burroughs, I will take him in my streak again. I am not surprised to see him succeed as a coach. He knows that and the Canadian is in hands.” honest with him.”

The islanders also scored an important win on Monday, beating Boston 4-3. Bago also paid tribute to the Bruins, who are difficult to contend with.

“Our goal was to get a game by going to Boston and we were able to do that. You can never slow down against a team like this. You have to play 60 minutes against them and sometimes even more. They are a really good team and they play hockey well. We have confidence. In our means too. He would make a great series.”

Collectively, the islanders have been very successful in the season and since the start of the playoffs. Former Ottawa Senators think the recipe for his training is simple.

“We want to play one game at a time. Our approach has been against Pittsburgh as well and has been going well so far. It’s a team we know well. We’ve played against them a few times during the season. The team that makes the fewest mistakes will win. Throughout the playoffs, our success It is teamwork. The players wake up in the big moments and the goalkeepers make the important saves. The men make the necessary sacrifices, one by one.”

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Former QMJHL Chikoutimi Saguinen also paid tribute to his general manager, Lou Lamoreello, a man he deeply respects.

“He’s someone I have a lot of respect for. Last year, when I was traded, he showed a lot of trust in me by giving me a six-year contract. I really appreciate this sign of trust. The same story is repeated for all players. It’s his brand to treat his team well. good “.