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Alain Nasreddine offered his services to CH

Alain Nasreddine offered his services to CH

On paper, the 2022-23 edition of the Montreal Canadiens is just beginning to take shape. Aside from Kirby Deutch and Kayden Primo, all current members of the organization have a contract for next season, and the team, which is under pressure against the salary cap, does not expect a rain of character moves.

There might be a deal or two to try and free up some cash for Dach’s signature, but probably nothing more than that.

However, there is still (at least) one acquisition that CH must make for next season: an assistant coach to replace Luke Richardson.

Alan Nasreddin’s name circulated earlier this summer (before Richardson’s departure), but he eventually agreed to go and support Peter Debor in Dallas.

However, while he was passing sick podcast From Tony Marinaro, Nasreddin claimed that he offered his services to the Canadians earlier this summer.

Nasreddin, a Montrealer who grew up as a Habs fan, would have really liked to support Martin St. Louis (who impressed him so much last year), but since Richardson was still in office at the time, CH didn’t have need to of his services at this time.

Could Nasruddin become St. Louis’ assistant had Richardson left earlier? It is not impossible.

However, Nasreddin is very happy to get an opportunity in Dallas, where he will especially have the opportunity to work with Miro Heskanen. He knows how talented the young Finn is and can’t wait to rub shoulders with him.

During his interview with Marinaro, the co-stars’ assistant was also asked about PK Subban, with whom he worked for three years at the Devils. According to Nasreddin, Sabban still has a lot of hockey in his body and he is aware that his role is no longer that of the number one defender, but rather that of a good supporting defender (which is what Nasruddin believes he can do).

Nasreddin is really a good hockey boss and I highly encourage you to listen to his interview with Marinaro, which I present to you over here. I would really like to see him in Montreal, honestly.

In short, we’ll see who ends up inheriting the assistant position in Montreal (or Posts if CH is looking for two). It won’t be Nasruddin, however, but we still wish him plenty of success in Dallas.

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– All of these guys could have dressed up as CH next year.

– It’s good.

– Talking about the assistant coach.

– Robert Haag is going to Detroit.

– We can understand that.