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Al-Kindi: Trust Pays Off by Corey Scheunemann

Al-Kindi: Trust Pays Off by Corey Scheunemann

MONTREAL – Chris Weidman was 25 years old when he played his first National League game. He previously spent four years on the American College Network, playing five ECHL games and three full seasons in the MLS.

Now in his early thirties and taking advantage of a second chance at the Bettman circuit, there’s a chance he’s pairing up with a young partner with a similar profile who is trying to follow in his footsteps.

Corey Scheuenemann arrived at the Canadian organization in the greatest amount of anonymity in 2020. He had about fifty games experience in the AHL after a four-season course at Western Michigan University. Joel Bouchard combined him into a group that included three previous picks for the second round (Brook, Ole, Olofsson), a 21-year-old with about forty matches at the Pittman circuit (Flori) and a Finnish draft with a two-part contract (Liskinen).

Today, he is the only one from the group that has evolved in the NHL and the progress he shows in his game could allow him to extend his stay there.

“When you’re in college or at the mansion, you watch a lot of NHL games on TV and you dream about having a chance one day. Now he has, Weidman said after the Canadians’ 5-1 win over the senators, that opportunity, and he’s taking it in great shape. I was in his place. I know what he’s going through and I’m very happy for him.”

Scheunemann scored his first goal of his career in the National League Thursday in a loss to the Dallas Stars. This pivotal moment seemed to give him the momentum of his movement throughout Saturday evening, when he was the second most used defender by coach Martin St Louis. He scored with an assist on Joel Jeremiah’s goal and finished the match with a +2 lead, two shots on target and seven shots blocked.

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“We were playing pranks a few weeks ago, talking about empty net goals,” Weidmann said. Martin They insisted on making us understand that these goals were important because they gave us confidence which then carried on to the next match. This theory applies to [Schueneman] Currently. He was crucified in possession of the puck today. For a newbie, he read the game well and it helped me do the same. »

Scheunemann even got some power in the game. Fifty-one seconds, to be exact. In these circumstances, he directed the bullet that veered through Jeremiah.

“He knew he might go,” St. Louis said. We have a left-handed unit on top and a right-handed unit. It was [Chiarot] Who was doing the job, but when he left, we had a void to fill. First, we’re not sure if he’s capable of doing the job, and second, he should deserve it too. But tonight he did a good job. He gives himself a chance. »

“He’s playing like a guy who wants to stay in the NHL,” Josh Anderson noted. He does a good job, not neglecting any details. I don’t know how many pitches he shot, it seems he was standing in front of everything he saw. He’s shown a great deal of calm with the disc since he arrived, and his readings are good. We see that he is doing everything he has to do to try to be a regular player in this league and so far it has paid off. »

“He plays very well, Paul Byron agreed. I didn’t know much about him. In the past year and a half, with COVID, we haven’t seen a lot of guys from Laval. But his puck game is very good, he makes good passes, he doesn’t panic. Just to keep going. Every new day is a chance to show he’s a player in the National League.”

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