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Al-Kindi lost his identity

Al-Kindi lost his identity

Indeed, the mission was enormous. Dominic Ducharme must now deal with a new reality.

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Al-Kindi, this formation that one praised for its diversity, creativity and above all that depth and great speed … Well, this formation became unexpected and unable to achieve victories and especially unable to prove absolute regularity. The strength of personality that distinguishes the teams that strive for excellence.

This largely explains the results for the second half of the season.

Ducharme is now faced with the situation calling for him to make decisions that his first year coach would like to avoid.

He’ll have to tackle playing time for some veterans. Sensitive mode, if there is one.

If his team lost a bite in the counterattack, it was due to the slower and slower execution.

Weber, Stahl and Berry

Veterans no longer have the same resources they had before, so they can’t keep up. They have failed to cope with the fierce competition more than ever, and the changing schedule is the reason. Not to mention there is a surplus of work that is difficult for them to absorb.

It might be worth considering reducing Shea Weber’s playing time.

The role of Eric Stahl must be rethought. Should be a support player?

Against the Calgary Flames on Wednesday night, Corey Perry was unable to stand out, constantly obstructing his movements.

This team, we don’t recognize it anymore.

Sometimes, she’ll use her best assets and show off a design that would allow her to credit a club like Toronto Maple Leafs or Edmonton Oilers.

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Several faces

The problem is, however, that you never know which team will appear on the runway. Impressive early in the season, he often plunges into middling performances and, at the same time, brings with him a chain of events that lead to the coach’s dismissal.

More recently, it has been suggested that players, admitting additionally, have endorsed the coach’s methods using other specifications adapted to today’s hockey game.

They believe in it … but why do they have difficulty applying it?

It is a matter of attitude. Where is this sense of urgency that makes the difference?

Which team will be on the Bell Center tonight?

The one who must prevail and find solutions to finish the calendar well? Or the one who thinks a four-point difference and three more flames than Flames is enough to get a pass to the Year-End Tournament?

Watch out for the flames

FYI, the Flames will play eight of their last 13 games in Calgary: three times against the Canucks, twice against the Canucks and Ottawa, and once against the Winnipeg Jets. They will visit the Habs tonight, and visit Vancouver on two occasions in addition to Edmonton.

Can we believe that the four matches against Canucks, a team weaker than COVID-19, will lead to victories for the Flames?

Vancouver players are angry, and they’re absolutely right, because they don’t want to take over under troubling circumstances.

The possibilities are great!

Ducharme reaction

The Canada coach should win now. So far, he has given every possible chance to each of his men. It’s time to take action, you must decide. Skaters’ playing time is his best card. He must use it. The latest results and the performance of many team members impose a hand. Expect a reaction.

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I have already touched upon the topics of Weber and Stahl. Now Nick Suzuki. It showed disturbing signs, including the 3-anti-flame differential.

If Tyler Toffoli gets injured, will he help his team?

The Jonathan Darwin case is the talk of the world, but Wednesday it didn’t deserve to be thrown at it.

Regarding Perry, it should be used according to his resources and playing style.

Assistant Trainer Alex Burrows will also need to make some changes to the powerplay units. It didn’t work at all for a few weeks.

When you notice a lack of conviction, it is because of the lack of interest in going to areas where you have to pay for disk grabbing or to control the disk in a limited space.

A phenomenon we see a lot among Canadians.

Slow and rough

But in fact, what is the identity of this team?

Early in the season, speed allowed him to stand out from the competition. Currently, the team is slower, the style of play is inevitably chaotic and the attitude of the players raises many questions.

The coach must now prove that he has what it takes to revive this club. Until further notice, it’s still in listening time.

Oh, there’s also Cole Caufield whose schedule with Laval Rocket has been downsized to a few games over the next few days.