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Ajax: Andre Onana pushed out

Ajax: Andre Onana pushed out

Under contract until June 2022, Andre Onana’s final months at Ajax Amsterdam promise to be eventful. The club’s super-fan group has stepped up to demand the departure of the Cameroon goalkeeper.

Ajax Amsterdam fans were not welcomed back into group training with the first team on Thursday, after ending his 9-month suspension for a positive doping test. Andre Onana is no longer welcome according to a message posted by F-Side, a popular group of ultras from the Ajacid Club, on its official website.

« You have been a very good goalkeeper and are often very important to us. Only, as has often been proven in the past, a good player is not as good as a good one. In your case, it is undeniable. With the actions you took, you have completely lost our support They wrote. To continue: When the news of your doping came, there was at first a sense of pity as we all thought of you. Looking back, we were all wrong. […] A great athlete like you who knows what’s on the banned substances list wouldn’t make such a stupid mistake, would he? ? It seems you are. Your credibility is no longer taken for granted by us and we hope for your future clubs ».

Ajax Ultras group goes so far as to call up the Cameroonian Judah While it is part of Club des Hundred, the name given to the group that includes all players who have played 100 matches under the Lancers’ colors. “ After all, as they say, I decided not to sign and put a knife in the backs of Ajax and their supporters. Not only is Ajax losing a huge amount of money because of you, but you can’t be taken seriously as a person anymore. First you get held up longer, then you cheat on Ajax by not signing up. Unfortunately, we have to conclude that you are a terrible Judas, and we cannot and do not want to forgive you ».

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