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Ajara Nchout Njoya, une faim de Lionne

Ajara Nchot Ngoya, a hungry lioness

It was expected, she answered. Ajara Nchot Ngoya finally opened his own net against Tunisia in this Africa Cup of Nations and provided the assist for Michaela Appam.

Cameroon came against Tunisia with a three-header in attack, Abam Ngo Mbelik Ngoya, and Gabriel Abode Ungeni in a lower position, responsible for bringing the balls to create depth.

A system that gives more attacking freedom to the player Inter, relying on Geneviève Ngo Mbeleck, the real accelerator of the Cameroonian gaming system. “We are very satisfied tonight. We have things to prove to ourselves, that we can deliver on our commitments and above all pursue our ambitions

Despite being chosen as the “Madam of the Match”, Ajara Nchot Ngoya wanted to celebrate this trophy with the rest of the team.

At the time of the awards ceremony, they came to join me because we are a team. We promised something to the Cameroonian people who followed us from the start, it is true that we were not satisfied with our previous trips. I hope we made them proud and will continue to do so“.

Eyes now on the cleaver matches.

“No matter who we meet in the quarter-finals, we will show our ability to win,” she concluded.

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