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Air Transportation: It's not easy to buy a $500 ticket

Air Transportation: It’s not easy to buy a $500 ticket

It’s not easy to book tickets for the new $500 plane that is funded by the Legault government. Even Air Canada was not ready this week to launch this supposedly more accessible program to the regions.

Newspaper He was able to see that it takes patience and perseverance to take advantage of the Regional Program for Air Access (PAAR), which went into effect last Wednesday.

Clearly, word hasn’t passed on to the country’s largest airline. Newspaper Unable to book a discount ticket via Air Canada phone line.

“Nothing is certain yet,” the servant answered us wrongly, evident in nothingness.

“[Air Canada] In the [programme], but we received no instructions or guidance. I honestly admitted, we haven’t released these tickets yet and I don’t know when they will start.

Another predicament, this time on the web. Air Canada does not currently offer a $500 ticket for destinations where it stops. This is the case, for example, for a citizen of Quebec who wishes to go to Rouen-Noranda, Bagotville or Sept-El.

Since the start of the program was this morning [mercredi] An Air Canada spokesperson, who did not identify himself, said on Wednesday that the logistics around it are complex, we prefer non-stop communications. However, we are confident that the situation should return to normal within a few days.

Our journalist, who was planning a family trip to the Magdalen Islands, was finally able to book a return ticket with Pascan Aviation.

Other obstacles also await travelers, you have to read the fine lines, it was possible to see (see below).

In the office of the Minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, we are aware of some difficulties, but we assure that “things are generally going well”.

“It’s the first day of the five-year program, so there may definitely be a small program Errors“But we will adjust and continue to monitor the situation,” said Jean-Francois del Turchio, director of communications for the minister.

The program in a nutshell

  • Eligible flights must connect Montreal or Quebec and the regions, or vice versa.
  • For personal travel only. Business travel is excluded.
  • Participating airlines: Air Canada, Air Cribek, Air Inuit, Air Connect, PAL Airlines, and Pascan Airlines.
  • In the first 24 hours of the program, 1,200 Quebecers booked subsidized tickets, according to Minister Bonnardel.

Vigilance is required

Not all carriers apply the discount immediately. For example, Air Canada requires you to do this manually via an exact box on their website. At PAL Airlines, you have to enter a promotional code that is on another web page. Travelers who are unaware of the program are likely to end up with bills much higher than the promised $500.

Links are not allowed

Even if the carrier does offer a connection, it doesn’t say you can take advantage of it for $500. To be eligible, the airline must offer connectivity year-round and not just in the summer. Would you like to visit Îles-de-la-Madeleine for $500 from Montreal or Quebec? You can with Pascan, but not with Air Canada. To find out, you’ll have to… do some trial and error! Plus, forget about Expedia, Google, and other comparisons to find the schedule that works for you; You should shop directly on the carrier’s website in hopes of taking advantage of the promotion.

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