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Air France relies heavily on reopening US borders

Air France relies heavily on reopening US borders

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With Reopening the borders of the United States This Monday, November 8, Air France Anne Rigail, its general manager, wants to achieve this important goal quickly. ” (Govt-19) believes the crisis has passed.

We have been waiting for that for a long time, ”She saidAFP, This is great news for Air France, and for the Air France-KLM team in general The North Atlantic is our main long-distance network. Prior to Covid-19, the entire group still had 40% of our long-term revenue. ⁇

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We are not starting anew because we have not stopped serving the United States even in the worst of crises.“, With” A lifeline To major American cities, she recalled. The situation has improved in recent months and the summer is already good, although the flights were packed with vaccinated Americans arriving in Europe. Just 50% thefts.

Air France intends to deliver this winter 122 weekly flights to the United States, Compared to the current 95. ” By the end of March, we will be gradually returning to 90% capacity by 2019“The program promises an increase in frequencies on the most popular lines, such as New York and Miami, the reopening of major airlines to Seattle, the resumption of Paris-Babbitt via Los Angeles – and no longer Vancouver – or even new flights to Pointe-à-Pitre and Between New York.

But the competition will be fierce, the Atlantic crossing lines ” Very competitive print “On what” All competitors will increase their abilities“, She said briefly.

Air France relies heavily on reopening US borders 1 Air Journal

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