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Air Canada is the 'worst airline', according to a Harry Potter representative

Air Canada is the ‘worst airline’, according to a Harry Potter representative

Actor Matthew Lewis, best known for his role as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series, is unlikely to have fallen in love with Air Canada.

In a series of tweets, the British comedian harshly criticized the airline, calling it “the worst in North America”.

The 33-year-old actor said he learned, less than two minutes before boarding, that there was no longer room for him in first class due to an overbooking issue.

The Air Canada employee simply tore her ticket in front of her eyes, simply indicating that the flight was full.

Matthew Lewis was then told that if he wanted further clarification or a refund, he should contact the airline’s customer service department. However, this is in Toronto, while the actor was by his side at the Orlando, Florida airport.

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The comedian claims he hasn’t received any emails or offers to book another flight.

“She literally tore my first-class ticket out the gate, gave me an economy-class ticket and left. She didn’t say a word. I had to call her back to ask her: Why?” explains Neville’s interpreter.

In response to Matthew Lewis’ first tweet, Air Canada wrote that it regrets the issues the actor mentioned. The airline asked him to write a private letter to explain the story in detail.

Mr. Lewis also responded to a user, who stated that Air Canada’s service had deteriorated since the pandemic, and that he did not see how the situation could be worse. He mentioned in passing that his return flight to the UK was with WestJet.

Whoever Neville Longbottom camped, lamented the scourge of overbooking.

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“How have we as a society allowed overbooking to become something normal that we accept? Matthew Lewis claims.

However, the actor made it clear that his stinging comments are not aimed at Canada, the country he adores, as he maintains.