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AI is everywhere at Mobile World Congress

Artificial intelligence has already entered our daily lives. Keyper is a small four-legged robotic dog capable of walking independently in any environment. His “brain” allows him to preview and map his space.

Erin Gomez, CEO and co-founder of Keybotic: _”_Tell them what to do. But it is true that they can work on their own. That is the goal, that they work alone, and help people in dangerous places, where there are toxic products, or flammable materials, where it is dangerous to send a person.”

Artificial intelligence is one of the hot topics this year among more than 700 tech companies participating in Four Years From Now (4YFN), the startup event in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

According to experts, The year 2023 marks a turning pointsuch as the advancement of technologies such as natural language processing, image recognition, and data analysis.

And he began to appear. We haven’t talked as much about artificial intelligence as we have in recent weeks with ChatGPT launch Although, long before this phenomenon, companies and individuals could already use data more efficiently and automate tasks that were previously done manually.

Paul Rocas, Director of Business Development at Mediktor: “In this case, the AI ​​works like a chatbot and what it does is decide the best question to ask the patient to get to the results screen faster.”


In the corridors of Mobile World Congress, there are many examples of artificial intelligence that sound like science fiction.

Marta Rodriguez, Euronews: _”_Using a selfie of my face, this machine learning technology is able to make a diagnosis in 30 seconds of my health status based on a comparison with 40,000 other patients by scanning features imperceptible to the human eye but not to AI.

But can machines think for themselves? Can they question the tasks they have been trained for?

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David ShepherdAvanti Vice President: “Making humans better, giving them more information, that’s a definite plus for anything AI can do. Trust is a different thing. We tend to know when we’re interacting with a machine. So if I use chat, if I use Amazon, if I use services like that “I know that as a human, I’m interacting with a machine. I think the evolution of AI will happen when, as we talked about today at MWC, we don’t know if we’re interacting with a machine. And that raises major trust issues there as well.”

Experts agree Artificial intelligence is not evolving to be better than us but to improve our livesSuch a robot programmed to help the elderly.

Nuria PascualSomcare Group Saltò Product Manager:_”_A lot of people ask us if we put robots in homes and tell us, “The people who do that job would be out of work, right?”. We don’t want to replace anyone. Today the robot is a support for the family and the caregiver, but also for the elderly person who lives alone. It is 24-hour continuity and support, which unfortunately we cannot do without these personal assistants.