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Agatha Christie in Australia, beach only

Agatha Christie in Australia, beach only

Around the World by Agatha Christie (3/6) – From Melbourne to Sydney, the Queen of Crime continues her journey across this country-continent alone. Certainly fertile ground for his next machinations.

The ship spins, lightning burns the night. Air is filled with foam blown into the air bed. After three months of long navigation betweenEngland And Melbourne, the clipper smashes against the shores of Loch Ard. The toll is high: 52 dead and the saddest record of the country’s worst shipwreck.

From the night of June 1878, the erosion worked. A deep limestone indentation, Loch Ard Valley, now hides a beautiful deserted beach. Let’s pay tribute to this sunken boat and its two survivors, a sailor and a young passenger. The morning calm gives way to a stream of travelers gathered in front of the Twelve Apostles, a symbol of Australia’s extreme south-east, 3 kilometers to the east. The pythons escaped from the reef, torn by sand, waves and spray. The injection digs up the antibodies.

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It is on this coast that Agatha Christie is not surprised to see the number of shipwrecks.

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