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Against the conspiracy, let's underestimate the scientific-liberation divide

Against the conspiracy, let’s underestimate the scientific-liberation divide


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Ecology, health and nutrition … science has become the subject of daily challenges. His education must be developed and rethought at school, so that young people acquire the knowledge they lack to rule freely.

Among the divisions that threaten our societies, one of them stands firmly before us. In the modern high-tech world and faced with environmental and health obstacles, we often act against our interests, our health, and our collective future: knowledge lacks freedom to judge. Examples of this scientific dichotomy abound: the constant abuse of plastics that end up disrupting the endocrine glands in our environment, the rejection of vaccines when an epidemic attacks individuals and the economy, inadequate protection against sexually transmitted diseases, and unreasonable energy consumption (it’s hard to be Tourism space ashamed of!), misuse of pesticides or denial of their effect, etc. In addition to individual choices, many state or corporate collective decisions, also suffer from such paradoxes.

These actions, which go against what we know about science, are often the subject of media campaigns. to this. But the goal is to manage dam cracks by sealing them one by one: these spots are temporary, cumbersome, and ineffective. It is the infrastructure that must be managed. Who knows in addition to the divorce from the science that we will test tomorrow? So let’s take the problem at its root: let’s demystify the basics of our daily lives and try to give everyone the full benefit of scientific knowledge.

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