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After Forspoken, is it Diablo IV’s turn to take advantage of DirectStorage?

If this is confirmed, let’s hope DirectStorage delivers happier results than one day Facebook, which was supposed to serve as a tech show in that sense. To Luminous Productions’ address, no significant improvement in loading times has been recorded, contrary to Microsoft’s promises.

Even worse, a patch put out by the studio brought a much-needed performance boost, but at the cost of said load times. However it should be noted that Facebook Uses DirectStorage version 1.0.

Microsoft did indeed later publish version 1.1 including in particular decompression by the graphics card instead of the processor, for better optimization. But then again, if the revised data is to be believed on Diablo IVRemember, the files are version 1.0.2.

However, there are still two short months before the game’s release, and Blizzard could take advantage of it to implement the popular DirectStorage version 1.1. Hopefully Microsoft’s tech will also work on Windows 10, hopefully Microsoft’s tech will be able to improve load times… but prefer Windows 11.

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