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After emigrating to England for many years they would never return to anything in the world

For culture or dignity, some French people no longer want to leave the United Kingdom for their own country. Adobe stock

Evidence – For some, living far away strengthened their sense of belonging to the country of their birth, and these long-term expatriates gradually severed all ties with France.

Out of sight, out of mind, Jack sums up his feelings like this. “It’s been so long since I left, I can’t find anything in common with France”, now trusts the person known as “Jack”. This Frenchman has been living in the United Kingdom for over 35 years and feels great there. Having first arrived in London after two years of law school with the aim of perfecting his English, the 50-year-old has never left. “I immediately fell in love with English culture and life, the dignity of the people, the fact that everything is possible here, no less than in France”He explains.

Married to a Briton for nearly 30 years, he is the father of two grown children who do not hold French citizenship. “We never went through the process, they were born here, with my wife, we consider them fully British.”. He never reapplied for a French passport. “I decided to get British citizenship as soon as I could. It’s normal for me, knowing that I’m building my life here and I’m not going back to live in France. I know this may come as a shock to some, but that’s how I felt and I’ve never regretted it.”

Even with Brexit? “I voted against leaving the European Union in the referendum. But for me it doesn’t change anything, on the contrary, being British, I have no qualms about coming.» «I lost my parents a few years ago. Before, we were going to take a few days off to visit the kids, but now I don’t really have a reason to go back. My life is here”Jacques, who has been from the United Kingdom for over 35 years, speaks French with a slight British accent. “We can say that integration is complete”He smiles.

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The idea that France is “sinking”.

Sylvie feels “Less and Less French at Heart”, she said. Having lived abroad in England for over 15 years, the forty-year-old believes there is France “So Much Has Changed” And “Not going in the right direction”. “Living in a foreign country Lets you take a step back…

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