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“After Brexit, the UK is back to being a full-fledged democracy”

“After Brexit, the UK is back to being a full-fledged democracy”

Where else to watch European elections (4/5) – David Goodhart voted against Brexit in 2016, but protested when the columnist heard that leaving the European Union would be a failure for his country. Across Europe, “decent populists” are happy to finally be speaking up “somewhere”, long ignored in public debate.

Citizens of 27 Member States of the European Union are invited to vote, Le Figaro opens its columns to intellectuals outside our borders. Philosophers, historians, political scientists and journalists offer their views on the major challenges facing the old continent in the coming years.

LE FIGARO – European elections can be marked by so-called populist parties. The split between Somewhere “and” Anywhere » You think Brexit split the UK, but it's actually spread across Europe ?

David Goodhart. – Yes, of course, all high-income countries in Europe and North America have experienced some variation of the divide between “anywhere” and “somewhere.” In most countries this first emerged in the 1990s with the onset of the global economy – lowering wages and the level of industrial employment – ​​which coincided with a sharp expansion of universities.

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