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After an election, Labor will be reshuffled

After an election, Labor will be reshuffled

After Thursday’s local elections in the UK, it’s time to question it. Khair Stormer, leader of the UK’s main opposition Labor party, announced his reshuffle on Sunday, May 9. “Haunted Cabinet”, Trying to breathe new life into the party.

In these local elections, especially in the UK, Labor did little, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party capturing its stronghold in Hartlbull (Northeast), which has always voted for Labor since the 1970s.

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“Bitter disappointment”, Khair Stormer had promised to do just that “That’s all possible” To regain the confidence of popular classes. He announced the expulsion of Annecy Tots, a Member of Parliament for Oxford East who was in charge of economics and finance. He was replaced by former economist Rachel Reeves, MP for Leeds West (north of the UK). The person responsible for discipline within the party, Nick Brown, is replaced by Alan Campbell.

“The Labor Party must be the party that accepts the demand for change across our countryKhair Stormer explained in a statement. This will require bold ideas and a constant focus on the priorities of the British people. Labor must change, just as the epidemic has changed the possibility and the need. “

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Involved “To learn” The failures of the party in some constituencies, Mr. Stormer said in a statement “Look forward to working with our new team to meet this challenge, come up with this change and create an ambitious agenda that will give birth to the next Labor government.” “

Angela Rainer was replaced

Angela Rainer, who was fired Saturday as party leader and election coordinator, sees a key position in this shadow cabinet. His dismissal, the first move announced after Labor’s defeat in the Hartlbull by-election, drew criticism from the party’s left.

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Labor MP Diane Abbott ruled in favor of this decision “Unfair” On Sunday, in an interview with Skynews.

Another figure of Labor, MMe Abbott left-wing John McDonnell centered on a Stormer, who he believed made one “The Biggest Mistake”.

“The party leader said on Friday that he was responsible for the outcome of the Hartbull election and would later take Angela Rainer as a victim, which many of us think is unfair.”, Mr McDonnell told the BBC.

In addition to the reshuffle, Khair Stormer has appointed former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s former poll leader Deborah Mattinson as chief strategic officer. He wrote a book explaining why Labor lost the 2019 parliamentary election “Red Wall” Labor, parts of northern England were affected by the devaluation and favored Brexit.

Some of Labor’s “good shows”

In the ‘Super Thursday’ election, the Tories advanced in the UK and won more than 200 advisers. In addition to the severe defeat at Hartlbull, Labor lost control of the Durham (Northeast) Council to the Conservatives for the first time since 1925.

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The party, however, retained many important strongholds, especially in London when Sadiq Khan was re-elected against conservative Shawn Bailey or in Manchester, Liverpool (north) and Bristol (west). The Welsh Labor Party wins 30 of the 60 seats in the local parliament, 16 against the Conservatives, who can boast of the best results in Wales, allowing it to stay in power.

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As for Khair Stormer, these are good performances “Give us hope and inspiration for the future”.

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