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Afghanistan: The Taliban also bans gyms and public baths for women

Afghanistan: The Taliban also bans gyms and public baths for women

On Sunday we learned from the Taliban authorities who recently announced their exclusion from parks and gardens in the capital.

“The gyms are closed to women because their coaches are men and some of them are mixed,” the ministry’s spokesman for the prevention of vice, Muhammad Akef Mohajer, told AFP on Sunday. .

He added that “bathrooms”, which are public bathrooms where men are separated from women, are also prohibited for the latter.

“Currently, there is a bathroom for every home, so there is no problem for women,” he added.

A video circulating on social media – which could not be immediately verified – shows a group of women with their back to the camera, lamenting the ban on gyms. “It’s a ladies’ gym. The teachers and coaches are all women,” one laments.

“You can’t stop us from everything,” adds the young woman, in a broken voice of emotion.

France Press agency

Despite their promises to be more flexible when they return to power in August 2021, the Taliban have largely reverted to the strict interpretation of Islam that was their first term in power (1996-2001), severely restricting the rights and freedoms of detainees. Women.

Girls’ high schools were closed and they were ordered to wear full veils. Exempted from most public jobs, women are also prohibited from traveling alone outside their hometown. At the beginning of the week, the Taliban also announced that they would no longer have the right to visit the gardens and parks of Kabul.

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Activists say the increased restrictions on women are aimed at preventing them from gathering to organize to oppose the Taliban regime.

Small groups of women staged several lightning protests in Kabul and other major cities, risking angering Taliban officials. These gatherings are usually brutally dispersed and participants arrested.

Earlier this month, the United Nations expressed “concern” after the Taliban disrupted a press conference in the capital organized by a women’s organization. The participants were subjected to a body search and the organizer of the event and a number of other persons were arrested.