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Advertising in your games at the end of the year

Advertising in your games at the end of the year

A reward was to be given in the form of cosmetics.

image rights: Simulmedia

For many years, advertising dreamed of investing in the last virgin bastion, video games. It doesn’t matter, it was without relying on the company Simulmedia Through the Axios system, which seems to have found a way to insert ads into games. For this, players will be offered exclusive items such as cosmetics or items in exchange for viewing 15 or 30 second ad spots. Axios has announced that it has already signed a contract with Electronic Arts and Hi-Res Studio which can be found behind Smite.

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According to Axios, players will be willing to listen to up to ten commercials per day if they are rewarded with items. On the other hand, Simulmedia servers that Axios is connected to make it possible to know if an ad has been fully served, a condition that must be met to see its reward unlocked.

The free-to-play model and its development on console and PC is based on a particular model where only 10% of the community invests in paid content. So Axios allows publishers to get cash back from this target audience. It remains to be seen if the displayed items will not confer an edge in games, which would be a real problem. On the other hand, how much ads do we have to listen to in order to be able to reach them? It can also lead to dependency and an incentive to gamble beyond the reason to get your item.

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For now, this technology will be introduced in free games where the challenge will be less due to the fact that the base game is free. On the other hand, it may become a problem if paid games invade. Electronic Arts had already been involved in advertisements for paid games using UFC4 but had to withdraw them immediately in the face of the ensuing outcry. However, if this system is accepted by the public, the publisher will surely risk trying to bring it back into a paid game.