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Actress Andre Boucher dies

For the past 46 years, her husband Jean-Pierre Belanger confirmed the sad news to Radio Canada.

Artémise Baltour-Labranche (Andrée Boucher) and Alexis Labranche (Guy Provost) in the popular TV series “Les belles heures des pays d’en haut” in 1968.

Photo: Radio Canada/Andre Le Coz

The actress was among other things known to the general public for her role in the series Artemis Baltour-Labranche Beautiful stories of pays d’en hautIt was broadcast from 1956 to 1970.

She also played the role of Evelyn Lamontani ladies heart, the drama series by Lise Payette that marked the imagination of Quebecers at the end of the eighties.

Born in the village of Macamic, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, André Boucher developed a passion for dramatic art by rubbing the shoulders of artists who came to stay in the village hotel run by her father.

My father treated them well. He gave them a little alcohol and the mood rose. They laughed and sang and I, a little girl, watched them through the rails of the stairs, explained in an interview with Montreal Magazine In January 2020.

She got her first role at the age of fifteen in a radio theater, and then pursued roles on the small screen, especially in Beautiful stories of pays d’en hautAnd MontjoyAnd Schulmeister, the Emperor’s spyAnd ladies heartAnd Virgin And Satan’s share.

The four actresses are smiling.

Actresses Michelle Rossignol, Los Gilbolt, Andre Boucher and Louise Remy in Des dames de coeur.

Photo: here ARTV

The actress has also hosted radio and TV shows for several years, including: Andre Boucher’s signature in TQS and This is your story in value added tax.

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For the past 15 years, the actress has been giving lectures on personal growth and the art of being a master of destiny.

Andre Boucher wrote her autobiography in two volumes: When I grow up I’ll be good (1996) and I choose life : paths of well-being (2000).