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Actor Hugh Grant trolled Boris Johnson's resignation announcement in music

Actor Hugh Grant trolled Boris Johnson’s resignation announcement in music

How to lose credibility in two and a half seconds. Boris Johnson awaits an announcement before Westminster this Thursday The official speech was his resignationMusic Yagetti socks from the Benny Hill show Sounded at full speed ahead of the enclosure. We hear it on the back of Conservative MP Chris Philp saying he is ready to resume his duties in the British government.

This little joke was performed with a very British accent Anti-Brexit and anti-Boris Johnson activist, Steve Bray. A video posted on Twitter shows him playing the famous saxophone tune from his large speaker, a stone’s throw from Westminster.

However, the idea did not come from him, but from the famous actor Hugh Grant. “Glad to see you have regained the use of your speakers. Got Benny Hill’s music? “, the celebrity had written to the activist.

As soon as he heard it, he did it immediately, and Yageti Sachs came to spoil the uniqueness of Boris Johnson’s announcement.