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According to Sony, the PS5 is no longer compatible with 8K resolution

According to Sony, the PS5 is no longer compatible with 8K resolution

8K is disappearing from PS5. Why ? Maybe we have an idea.

Sony has secretly removed the “8K” logo from the PS5 Slim box. A modification that does not go unnoticed and could pave the way for the PS5 Pro.

This was one of the marketing arguments for the PS5 when it was released at the end of 2020. The console, capable of displaying games in 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, but also in 8K resolution, announced its packaging. ” This is an academic point, but the PS5 packaging also mentions the 8K display function. It's a bit trivial and almost ridiculous in the current context. Richard Leadbeater explained to Digital Foundry.

Sony PS5 // Source: ElR – Frandroid

At the time, 8K TVs weren't common. The first commercial model was launched shortly before the console's release. Then it was the LG Signature OLED88Z9P, an 88-inch TV for $30,000.

It's been four years and this 8K definition tends to become more common with more affordable TVs, such as the Samsung 65QN900D which costs “only” 5,000 euros.

Is the PS5 Pro powerful enough to handle 8K?

On Sony's side, rumors about the PS5 Pro revolve around this ultra-high definition. It will carry 60 computing units compared to 36 units for the current PS5 devices. Units that will also operate at higher frequencies. Additionally, the PS5 Pro will take advantage of PSSR, Nvidia's DLSS-like internal upscaling processing. This set of developments will allow this In theory we are hoping for stable 4K gameplay at 120fps and perhaps 8K gaming.

By removing the 8K logo from the box of the current console, Sony is announcing the end of the possibility of 8K on it, a definition that will eventually be reserved for the mid-generation model, the PS5 Pro.

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