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According to science, this method of separation is the most painful

Separation is rarely painless, regardless of the cause. Whether it’s infidelity, a lack of mutual interest, or crumbling feelings, there are plenty of reasons to end a romantic relationship. However, according to a study by Cornell University in New York, there is one cause of tearing that stands above all others in terms of causing pain.

And the most painful way to break up is …

To be able to decide which method of leaving each other would be the most painful, the researchers interviewed 600 people who had different love experiences. So, what is the reason for the separation that would hurt more than the other? According to this study published in Bulletin of Personality and Social Psychology, respondents overwhelmingly answered that the most painful thing would be leaving him for someone else. “Stepping aside for someone else is the most harmful scenario.”, in these works. According to the scientists responsible for this work, the pain in this type of tear leads to the fact that “Rejection reinforces the feeling of exclusion and affects the sense of belongingThis can awaken a very strong feeling of abandonment that can lead to a lack of self-confidence.

These other reasons for breaking up hurt a lot, too

This study also revealed other, more painful, causes of breakups. According to the participants, separation without a reason is also very painful. In fact, after not seeing the end come, the person left behind suddenly believes that someone else is part of the equation. And so the stalking begins to interfere with the life of the unfortunate. This is how this work revealed that ghosting is also one of the most painful relationship endings. This kind of disconnect gives the impression that the relationship never really had any status. This raises big questions in the person who left suddenly without explanation or anything.

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