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According to science, this joy exercise will make you smile again in just 8 minutes

According to science, this joy exercise will make you smile again in just 8 minutes

When morale is low, it’s easy to get carried away negative thoughtss. The result: we brood and we Dejected – Depressed. As much as we can say, succeeding in overcoming your agony and finding a smile isn’t easy when you’re going through a bad patch.

However, this is not what the psychologist claims. Kelly McGonigalwho developed a “Training for Joy”, a priori able to recreate a banana in just 8 minutes. All while immersing yourself in a series of six major movements that will stimulate positive emotions and re-awaken lost enthusiasm.

Move to awaken joy

As mentioned worldwideThis came at the beginning of a very serious scientific study published in National Library of Medicine Researchers have already discovered that certain movements can be a source of joy. This includes swinging from side to side, extending your arms in the air, bouncing rhythmically, or taking up space. 25 people were invited to perform a series of movements, which required them to jump, flow freely, extend, stand, or even move to a rhythm. Through it it can be seen His Excellency It can already be amplified by this kind of gesture and researchers to confirm The role of movement in altering or embedding an emotional state. It should also be noted, as evidenced by previous studies, that it is the jump that will have the greatest impact on their happiness.

How to Recreate Kelly McGonigal’s Joy Workout?

On the basis of all this research, Kelly McGonigal developed it “Joy Workout”that spread very quickly. The goal is clear: to feel joy while moving your body. To get started, you must first choose a fairly dynamic music that will set the tone before performing the following six movements:

  • Reach : Using one arm, then the other, and then both together, imagine you’re trying to reach the sky
  • oscillates : Shoulders, arms, then the whole body, swing from left to right
  • bounce, bounce : in rhythm to rhythm
  • shake : one end after the other, then the whole body, shake yourself as if you are getting rid of negative emotions
  • jumping for joy : jump in place
  • to celebrate : Throw your hands to the sky as if you were going to throw scraps of paper
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