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According to science, if you have this habit, you are a particularly intelligent person

According to science, if you have this habit, you are a particularly intelligent person

Spoiler alert: something tells us you’re going to put off your bedtime tonight!

If we have always been inclined to say that the future belongs to those who rise early, it seems that we have neglected those who rise early. go to sleep late And a mistake. And yes, if you are part of Team “Going to bed after midnight”, it is likely that you have Higher IQ Let those who go to bed early, According to science. (This is the time you send the essay to your mother who forced you to sleep early at a younger age, with the phrase “I was right to have sleepless nights.”) Although the topic ofhow much sleepIt is often at the center of discussions, and many studies agree that people who go to bed later tend to develop A more creative mind from others.

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Night Owl’s Revenge

Would you rather go to bed late than get up early to finish a job? No doubt, according to many researchers, you have a better chance of success. For his study Madrid University, 1,000 young people were tested on their knowledge. The result was definitive, and those who had the habit of sleeping late were declared “cMuch stronger in inductive reasoning “. University of Alberta in Canada He also investigated and came to the same conclusion. People who sleep late have extra energy, allowing them to More creative. It is clear that your thoughts flow when you are calmly in your bubble, without distraction or obstacle, while others are already in the gentle arms of Morpheus. According to Marina Giampetro, director of the study conducted by Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, This high IQ depends on How do you use time? that you have at night. However, if people who sleep late are more creativeEarly diapers tend to be so more productive.

Be creative, but at what cost?

Although studies agree that falling asleep improves our sense of creativity, we should Don’t get up at dawn, at the risk of affecting our health. In fact, our bodies and minds need enough sleep to be at their peak on a daily basis. Many other sleep studies claim that people who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have finished emotionally unstable And more prone to depression. In addition to drowsiness due to lack of sleep decreased mental performance. Let’s say, after a short night, nobody is very efficient in the office. And if sleeping in fear affects our minds, a small amount of sleep on a daily basis increases the incidence of diseases Diabetes and addiction or obesity. In short, being creative is good, but good health is better. So if you tend to sleep in late, be careful not to deprive yourself of a good, restful sleep.


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