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According to Nielsen, it is less common in the United States

According to Nielsen, it is less common in the United States

May 28 and Lucifer trampled on his arrival on Netflix They soon became the most watched in the United States Above success like Cruella and Lupine. The weekly information provided by Nielsen mapped out the success of Season 5B of the occult drama. However, In the new data update, another Series Seems to be very selective from the same platform. Who is the first place favorite?

Analysis by a valuable consulting firm This was carried out between June 6 and June 13. That is, at least a week after the premiere of Lucifer and other products. One of the most revealing in this context is Sweet Tooth, a project produced by Robert Downey Jr., which tops the charts with a background of 1,434 million minutes.

Meanwhile, in second place came a project that has been at the center of controversy in recent days: Report. Although it received less than 1,111 million views, NBC decided to cancel it after four seasons and Netflix turned down the offer to pursue it.

Lucifer continues to climb the stage with 1,032 million, with Raya and the Lost Dragon in fourth place. LokiIt debuted on June 9 and had good numbers and was ranked sixth with 737 million minutes of viewing. Grace Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Downton Abbey, NCIS and Cocomelon.

The figures provided by Nielsen are a criterion for measuring the size of the audience in the absence of specific and general metric data. Currently, Netflix views any content from your library with two minute changes. So far, he has never shared Lucifer’s real numbers.

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Most viewed in the United States from June 6 to 13, 2021

Sweet tooth | 1,434 million minutes watched

Report | 1,111 million minutes watched

Lucifer | Watched 1,012 million minutes

Raya and the last dragon | 953 million minutes watched

Loki | 731 million minutes watched

Gray physique | 631 million minutes watched

Guilt thinking | 708 million minutes watched

Downton Abe | 630 million minutes watched

NCIS | 528 million minutes watched

Cocomelon | Watched 515 million minutes

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