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According to Mario Designer, the boundaries between cinema and video games are blurred

More than 40 years later, Mario has established himself as the most famous hero in video game history and hits cinemas from Wednesday, with Super Mario Bros, the movie.

I don’t think anyone thought Mario would be that important, including me. »

Quote from Shigeru Miyamoto

The legendary video game designer, who co-produced this animated feature, can’t believe how far his character has come.

It’s like seeing a 2D illustration come to life as a 3D doll, and then that doll comes back to life and becomes a human.he tells, hoping the movie will give fans the feeling that Mario is really out there.

Do better than its predecessor

Getting through the plumber’s first assignment on the big screen won’t be difficult.

The 1993 Super Mario Bros spin-off is the archetype of the video game-inspired dodgeball movie.

Photo: Hollywood Pictures

Released in 1993, the initial film dedicated to being a failed dystopia, in which Mario finds himself immersed in a terrifying dimension inhabited by dinosaurs. Nintendo simply sold its hero name to Hollywood, without being involved in the production.

The Japanese video game giant has learned its lesson, assigning Mario’s father, Shigeru Miyamoto, to co-produce the new movie with Chris Meledandri, founder of Illumination, the creator of the Parisian animation studio. I’m ugly and mean (despicable me) And Minions (Minions).

We wanted to develop the film ourselves, rather than license it, Miyamoto insists. I was sure we had to get involved, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened..

For nostalgia, but not only

The collaboration results in a colorful action movie, whose frantic pace is designed for kids, but retains many nods for generations of nostalgic gamers.

Mario, from behind, is seen in front of him in this animated gif with several characters.

Super Mario Bros. movie poster which hits theaters on April 5, 2023.

Photo: Universal Pictures

The feature film charts the origins of Mario and Luigi. In New York, two working-class brothers are struggling to finish their fledgling plumbing business when they are suddenly sucked into a green poop.

Mario then finds himself in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he must rescue Luigi, who has fallen into the clutches of the dreadful Bowser, the evil half-dragon-half-turtle from the saga.

Strategic change

The idea of ​​the film arose from a strategic change made by the Japanese company. About ten years ago, Nintendo wanted to make its own games More personality drivenAccording to Mr. Miyamoto.

We wanted even people who don’t play to get to know our characters. »

Quote from Shigeru Miyamoto

This notably led to the production of the film, but also to the creation of Mario-themed amusement parks in Osaka and Los Angeles.

Previously, in addition to the eternal Wahoo! And Let’s go From a small plumber, the developers did not add Nothing extra or superfluous For the character, to be able to adapt it to all kinds of games.

Video game legend

At the age of 70, Mr. Miyamoto, who is also the creator of the legendary Zelda series, is often considered the Steven Spielberg of video games. However, working on the big screen required the master to adapt.

I love movies. I’m not an expert on cinemahe admits, elated to be able to attend The entire process A film thanks to his close collaboration with Chris Meledandri for six years.

The movie lends itself to a swanky dubbing cast, notably Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) to resurrect Mario in the original English version.

But his very American interpretation of the jumping plumber, far removed from a video game Italian accent, caused controversy among fans when the film’s trailers were revealed.

The actor claimed the choice to depart from the character’s traditionally high-pitched tone, which would have been annoying during a 90-minute movie. The plot also provides a humorous explanation to justify this different rhetoric.

It remains to be seen if Mr. Miyamoto and Nintendo would have liked being at the helm of a movie. after Super Mario Bros.Is Colossus considering a sequel or adaptation of the Zelda universe on the big screen?

There are always possibilitiesThe video game master answers.

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