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Immortals Fenyx Rising estaría por llegar a Xbox Game Pass, según filtración

According to a leak, Immortals Fenyx Rising is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Like every month, rumors of upcoming games circulate on Xbox Game Pass, and in this case, it looks like we’re dealing with a potential bombshell. We can consider that this is due to the streaming of Ubisoft games on the service, games like Assasins Creed Origins and Far Cry 5 arrived in the service several years after release; Which this time seems to leave us with one of the best games of 2021 on our favorite service, Immortals Fenyx Rising.

This is still a very recent rumor, but the appeal is impressive, with leaker Lumia Updates sharing information about the arrival of the big game based on Greek mythology and heavily inspired by Zelda Breath of The Wild. In response, Twitter users have resorted to asking him questions and confirming that the game will be coming to Game Pass in August for PC and console.

Immortals Fenyx Rising, a Zelda-like experience from Ubisoft

Immortals Fenyx Rising has gone a bit unnoticed in the press due to its release date, far from any media spotlight like The Game Awards or any other convention. With its good results and being surprisingly good, it was very atypical of what Ubisoft does with its open-world games. Well, it looks like we’ll be able to give it a try soon thanks to Xbox Game Pass.

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