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Accelerated Learning of "LDT" |  Quebec Magazine

Accelerated Learning of “LDT” | Quebec Magazine

Florham Park, New Jersey | For many years, Laurent DuVernay Tardiff made a habit of drowning his nose in books. Studying has rarely been as intense as it has been since joining the New York Jets, with the intense learning that will allow him to try out his first game for his new team, on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

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“It’s crazy how fast things have been, but since I got here I’ve been removing all distractions to immerse myself in the game brochure. It’s been a long time since I’ve dreamed about football at night!” said Laurent DuVernay Tardiff during an interview with Newspaper At the Gates Training Complex in New Jersey.

“That’s what really gets me obsessed, so I’m living in a hotel room and my bag hasn’t been emptied yet. I’ve been wearing the same shirt since Monday. It drives really well! The offensive line guy breathed, and burst out laughing.”

New language

Studying blitzkrieg, “Doc” has seen others. Except since he was traded from Chiefs to Airplanes on November 2, his life has been on fire.

At 3 pm he agreed to lift the no-trade clause and at 6 pm he jumped on a plane to his new home.

Since then, meetings with the aircraft offensive line assistant coach have accumulated to assimilate every minute detail of the game system.

“People less familiar with football may not realize it, but to optimally understand each other on the scrimmage line, to fully understand the games, all the concepts and changes in the scrimmage line, it takes time. Time. You have worked hard towards the upstream practices. line, you should know all about all possible situations,” summed up the person now wearing the number 72.

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This week, Duvernay-Tardif tasted his first three courses. If he was the first to admit that his Wednesday practice was “painful,” the two who followed reassured him.

“Thursday I felt so much better. Today [vendredi]You have really shown a better understanding of the game manual and it is going in the right direction.”

with appetizers

It should be noted that during the week the kebesser had rehearsals with beginners and with the second unit. It is also set up as a left and right guard.

“If I had to play fast, I would be efficient, although it wouldn’t be perfect. It’s good to be at home to communicate online. I’ll be able to play right away,” he said.

So far, the Jets show a record of two wins and six losses. They live in the last row of their section and many can imagine a gloomy atmosphere in the locker room.

By getting to know his new teammates and coaches, it’s just the opposite, says DuVernay Tardiff, to the point that bonds were quickly forged.

quick adaptation

“I came with a veteran mindset talking to everyone, regardless of position. Adaptation happened so quickly that it took me by surprise.

“In Kansas City, with my English not being perfect, and the fact that I was Canadian and didn’t know anything about the NFL locker room culture, my assimilation was a long one when I started. Here, everything got done quickly and it mattered to me I didn’t want it to be heavy.”

Contrary to the end of his stay in Kansas City where the guard felt he was no longer part of the plans, he once again sees a real breakthrough opportunity.

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“I had a lot of good Response coaches. Since the exchange, I feel wanted here and it was just confirmed this week. I came here to play, so we’ll see if I can earn the coaches’ trust. ”

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