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Une vingtaine de soignants se sont rassemblés devant l'Agence régionale de santé au Mans

About two dozen arrested caregivers demonstrated in front of ARS

About two dozen caregivers in Sarthe demonstrated on Thursday in front of the regional health agency located in Le Mans, rue Paixhans. Unvaccinated, they have deplored the suspension of their contract since Thursday, September 23, 2021. Among these people: Eva, a nurse who worked in the Covid unit at Le Mans Hospital, said she was shocked to be suspended. “We don’t actually believe it. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been there for the sick. We treat the disease with very few means and there we find ourselves obligated to vaccinate. I have small savings, I will do the right thing but my health is worth more than salary and I will not be vaccinated“.

However, she does not plan to resign: “I especially hope that the government will open its eyes and realize that our comment is not helpful.Natalie, the nursing assistant at EPSM, Sarthe psychiatric hospital, also commented and was a little dumbfounded:It is somewhat difficult to understand why the government is denying us our wages and putting us in a financially precarious position. this is sad. I realize we’re not very supportive at the population level”.

0.6% of EPSM and CHM employees were suspended

Since September 15, the duty to vaccinate is mandatory for all workers in health institutions. The management of the Le Mans Hospital Center (CHM) and the Allonnes Foundation for Public Mental Health (EPSM) gave them an extra week to provide proof of vaccination. Therefore, the penalties are in effect since Thursday: 30 out of 4,498 employees in the clearing house and 6 out of 1,436 employees in EPSM have been suspended.

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