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Abortion Pills | White House fears ‘catastrophic’ ban

(Washington) The White House expressed concern Wednesday about a potentially “catastrophic” ban on abortion pills across the United States that a conservative judge could decide.

Such a decision “would be unprecedented and devastating for women. We would be in uncharted territory,” US administration spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said during her regular press briefing.

“We are working closely with the Department of Justice and the Department of Health,” he assured.

A Texas federal judge, Matthew Kasmaric, can issue his decision at any time starting Feb. 24 on a complaint filed by abortion opponents over his approval of mifepristone (RU 486), one of two pills used in 2000. For medical termination of pregnancy.

The plaintiffs are asking the magistrate, who is known for his ultra-conservative stances, to immediately suspend the accreditation across the United States.

His decision could have far-reaching consequences as 54% of abortions performed in the country today are medical.

Since the US Supreme Court struck down the right to an abortion last June, fifteen states have banned abortion on their soil and made the abortion pill illegal there.

But women living there can still get pills from neighboring states, a simpler method than surgery.

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